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Research Interests

My research interests revolve around developing novel materials for energy storage and energy conversion application. I am particularly fascinated by 2-Dimensonal materials. By delving into these areas, I strive to deepen our understanding of materials and their interactions, uncover novel properties, and uncover their potential applications

Current research Project

In my current research project, I am focusing on the development and characterization of a novel metal oxide/MXene-based composite for photoelectrochemical water splitting. This project aims to explore the potential of this composite material as an efficient and sustainable solution for generating clean hydrogen fuel through the splitting of water molecules.

The research findings from this project have the potential to contribute significantly to the field of renewable energy and water splitting technologies. By utilizing metal oxide/MXene-based composites, we aim to address key challenges associated with traditional photoelectrochemical systems, such as low efficiency and limited stability. The enhanced properties of the composite, including improved charge separation and broad light absorption, hold great promise for achieving efficient and sustainable hydrogen production from water. Throughout this project, I am collaborating with experts in the field of materials science, electrochemistry, and catalysis. By fostering interdisciplinary collaborations, we aim to leverage diverse expertise and resources to accelerate the development and understanding of metal oxide/MXene-based composites for photoelectrochemical water splitting.

Future Directions

As the project progresses, we anticipate further optimization of the metal oxide/MXene composite and exploration of new hybrid materials. Additionally, we aim to investigate advanced strategies for surface modification and catalyst integration to enhance the overall efficiency and stability of the composite. The project's outcomes will contribute to the broader goal of developing sustainable and efficient water splitting technologies for a greener future.


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